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      25-hydroxyvitamin D3  

      remedy the short slab of Nutrition systems: strenthen skeleton & Maintain high

      production performance

      Strong permeability: Good absorption property & The best support for fetal bone

      growth by pass through the blood-fetal barrier

      25- hydroxyvitamin D3 is an endogenous vitamin D nutrient,New type vitamin D feed additive, the core component of upmarket feed,The key to improving the competitiveness of premixes and upmarket feeds.

      Quality manufacturing   First available in china 



      Provides vitamin D nutrition to the fetus and eggs by pass through the blood-fetal barrier the guarantee of a healthy fetus   More healthy piglets  Reduce stillbirth  Improve hatching rate, etc.

      Reduce intestinal bacterial infection, promote macrophage production, increase phagocytosis, improve immunity

      High levels of calcium in the blood and meat tissues  Fresh meat  Low rate of defective processing  Reduce the black bone syndrome

      Increase the calcium channels in renal tubules, reduce the loss of calcium and phosphorus, and reduce the content of calcium and phosphorus in feces

      To promote phosphorus enter the bone, make the calcium retain on the bones, enlarge and strengthen skeleton, extended sow lifetime, Superior lay persistency , improve eggshell quality

      Increase the calcium channels in small intestinal epithelial cells and accelerate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus  not affected by intestinal diseases


      Without liver metabolism and play physiological activity, across the metabolic barrier, make up for organ dysfunction






      From 2010,Shandong Haineng keeps focusing on research of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3,and pay high attention to products quality and capacity improvement,warmly welcome to visit Haineng.

      25-hydroxyvitamin D3 Structural formula


      1.25% apply to multivitamins

      0.125% apply to compound premixes

      0.05% apply to compound feeds


      Haineng25-hydroxyvitamin D3 X-ray single crystal chart

      White uniform powder; Use BHT as an antioxidant;no yellow carcinogenic ethoxy quinoline. All specifications Direct make by spray-dried;No dilution is more uniform

      Non-animal origin

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